Are You an Owner

Are You an Owner

You Are an Owner of a Bar, Restaurant, Hotel, Houses / Rooms for Rent, or Events Organizer,

Then you are in the right place

Promote your business with the latest digital techniques to increase your turnover,

WHY US?  Our Kukuvaia Agency  specializing in generating traffic and reaching, promoting the Kukuvaia Costa Blanca portal, we already serve many businesses in different categories and countries, from manage their website till to get the rights customers. Working accurately with the latest techniques in the digital world, the results of our customers and our agency have been of considerable growth and has allowed us to increase drastically the business over the last 5 years, our core business is to support the Small and Medium companies who normally do not have the budget to increase and performance the business on the internet, but finally we do it with professionalism and dedication because we love this job,

WHAT WE DO? Constant promotion in many national and international search engines such as, Google, Yahoo. Bing, Msn etc, furthermore we advertise in local search engine in different countries which allowed us to have a continue high rank position , in addition ‘we are active in all the  Social Channels with a very high’ reachability, even more we reach our 250,000 customers by sending 2 times a week an email campaign interested in receiving information about the Costa Blanca

WHY IS INTERESTING FOR YOU? Regular customers know you and if they are tourists for sure someone returns because of a good experience BUT

How many people do not know about your business??

 How many peoples go to your competitors because they have not yet discovered you?

Kukuvaia does not compare prices and does not increase the business of the usual ones who can afford it

We work hand in hand with everyone who believes in their business potential and wants to increase productivity with our digital knowledge

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