Flan de almendras

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Flan de almendras

Flan de almendras

The almond flan is a wonderful dessert that allows us to enjoy a dry fruit that has many beneficial properties for our body.

Almonds are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, contain quality fiber (ideal to combat constipation), antioxidants and vegetable proteins.

They also provide us with vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, although we should not forget that they are rich in calories, so we should consume them in small quantities.

We can consume them raw but they are also used to prepare sauces, milk, flour and of course to cook this delicious almond custard.


½ l. milk.
200 g. of sugar.
100 g of ground almonds.
4 medium eggs
Grate the skin of a lemon.


Put 3 tablespoons of sugar in a pan and burn over low heat (with two or three drops of water)
We put a glass of milk to the fire and we throw the sugar to him, we mix well.
Beat the eggs and mix with the ground almonds and the rest of the milk.
Pour all the ingredients well mixed in the pan.
Put the pan in the water bath (put the pan in a container with water that covers half of the pan) for 45 minutes.
Our advice
To know if it is already at the point we can puncture the flan of almonds with a pin. If it comes out clean it is already done.

We can choose to use soy or rice vegetable milk instead of cow milk and change the white sugar for brown sugar or brown sugar.

This flan of almonds can be an ideal dessert for those who can not take wheat or gluten.




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