Information About Listing

Important information Step by Step in how to insert  correctly  a Listing or Event


First step to do is to register yourself, in the upper right corner you will find Sign Up,  click on and will open a window like this


You will review an email with text I Love You Costa Blanca, and click on the long link to access and insert your password


When you have entered your new password click on the top right Sing Up and enter your username and password to login, 


You will return to the home page, at the top right you will see Hello “your name” click  on that and a window will open ( like this on the right )  click on Edit Profile first to insert your information correctly, when you finished go to step 5


Here you can click on the top right Add to choose between an insertion of an Listing or an Event


At this point you can choose a package plan

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 10.27.24 AM


  • Disponibilidad de 1 año
  • 6 Listado
  • 6 imagen de la galería
  • 3 Listado Destacado
  • Permitir enlaces sociales
  • Soporte por correo electrónico

Click to end Create my Listing


After the publication of your listing / event you will see this the status | in your control panel, it means the listing is under review by our team, will take approximately 2/4 hours to be admitted and published.

Here on the right you can see the status of an approved and published listing

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