Antiguos Sabores DA LUIGI

In old flavors we open our doors to offer our customers the most complete service for which we have been working.

At the hands of Carlos Jimenez we offer traditional food with a touch of freshness as a personal seal. Being an old Chef in restaurants of mention, he launched with his wife Carmelina Bevilaqua, Italian by birth, entrepreneur and great connoisseur of this cuisine, which surprises all our clients taking them on a journey through the ancient lands of Italy, with the mixture of flavors of their homemade pizzas.


With this fusion, we created two different kitchens to be able to work with GLUTEN FREE products, such as our breads, beer, homemade pizzas, approved by the ACECOVA ASSOCIATION and so, to reach all our customers so they can enjoy those traditional old flavors, they miss each other so much.

We wait for you!!

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