Casa Rico

We are a family that since 1979 we are dedicated to the restoration, taking charge of the direction of this house in 1995, following the most traditional and ancestral culinary forms of Mediterranean cuisine.

Based on the freshness and exquisite quality of the fish and seafood of the bay. Our specialties are the different types of rice, made with the best products, and highlighting the seafood cauldron, achieved this recipe of great cooks of this fishing village. This is a very exquisite dish that consists mainly of redfish and other rockfish. The fish is served first with potatoes and sauce, and with the fish stock, a rice is made to a band which is an excellent end to an excellent meal. Another of our specialties is rice with lobster. This recipe is the result of many years of experimentation with rice, textures, and flavors, with the inclusion of a personal touch that gives it a special distinction in our kitchen.

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