Playa del Torres

The beach or cove El Torres is located in the municipality of La Vila Joiosa (Alicante). It is a gravel beach more than 500 meters long and about 10 meters wide.

It is a semi-urban beach whose access by car is easy and there is plenty of parking. It also has chiringuito, lifeguard, footbridges, and footbaths. It is far from the urban center of the Vila and, therefore, its occupation is average.

The Torres River flows into this beach, right next to the chiringuito.

The beach is surrounded by a forest of eucalyptus, planted years ago when there was a campsite that occupied almost the entire beach, which give shade to the promenade.

East of the beach, we find a natural area of pines and low scrub. From here, we can start the Colada de la Costa route that takes us to the Racó del Conill cove and, if we continue on, to Cala de Finestrat.

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