Melva bush

Melva bush

Borreta de melva

Recipe for 4 diners
good (with cooking paper) the dried tomatoes and the Melva. Fry the tender garlic in a skillet, add the Melva already chopped, the dried tomatoes, half a glass of water and grind salt. Keep cooking over medium heat for approximately 15 minutes.


– 300 gr. of melva in salazón
– 10 dried tomatoes – 6 tender garlic
– Olive oil – Water (125 ml.) – Salt

Melt the Melva for 5 hours, changing the water several times. Discard and dehydrate dried tomatoes 1 hour. Once the Melva is desalinated, we warm it with water until it breaks to boil. Spend it fast to cold water with ice so that it lasts. Dry

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