Monkfish with prawns from Dénia ( Rape con gambas de Dénia )

Monkfish with prawns from Dénia ( Rape con gambas de Dénia )

Recipes for 4 peoples

· 12 prawns from Dénia ·
1 kg. of monkfish
· 3 natural tomatoes
· 4 soup spoons of olive oil
· 4 almonds
· Chorrito de Vino Blanco · Chorrito de cognac
· Teaspoon of
paprika · 1 onion
· Saffron ·
Parsley (1 branch)
· Salt
· Pepper
· 1.5 kg. of trash.
. 4 ladies
. 1 bay leaf
. 10 cloves of garlic
. Flour (1 tablespoon)

Make a fumet (sauté rubbish, crabs, tomato, onion, and raw ñora and then bring to a boil), strain and set aside. It is also chopped with three ñoras, an onion, a bay leaf, ten cloves of raw garlic and a branch of parsley (prepare the chopped pochando all the ingredients and crush). Once the bite is done, add the grated natural tomatoes to sauté them with the chopped almonds, a tablespoon of flour, the saffron threads and the paprika. At that time, cognac, white wine, parsley, and salt are added. Sprinkle with the fumet and when it starts to boil, add the monkfish and let it boil for 8 or 10 minutes. Add the prawns at the last minute and rectify the salt.

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