Plenty of rice ( Arroz a banda )

Plenty of rice ( Arroz a banda )

Recipes for 4 peoples

· 1.5 kg. of whitebait
· 4 ladies
· 2 heads of garlic
· 3 liters of water for
· 2 tomatoes
· 200 gr. sepia
· 300 gr. of prawn
· 350 gr. of rice · Olive oil
· Saffron

In a large pot, sauté with olive oil, 4 ñoras and 2 heads of garlic. Once sofrito add 1.5 kg. of mixed fish – whitebait (mascaras, vetas, mackerel, head of the monkfish, crabs, galleys, rockfish, etc.) and 3 liters of water. Leave to cook over medium heat until boiling. Crush the fish, strain the broth and set aside. In a paella pan, sauté with olive oil, chopped cuttlefish and peeled Dénia shrimp tails, add grated natural tomato and a
chopped garlic-parsley. Add the rice, sweet paprika and sauté with the sofrito. Add the broth of the whitebait, a pinch of saffron, season and boil over medium heat until the rice is at its point and dry (about 15 minutes).
Optional: decorate the center of the paella pan with 1 ñora previously stir-fried. Recommendation: this dish is served accompanied by “all I oil” (garlic-oil).

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