Pout with balls ( Puchero con pelotas )

Pout with balls ( Puchero con pelotas )

Recipes for 4 peoples

· For the broth:
4 cane bones,
300 gr. of calf garret,
500 gr. of chicken,
100 gr. of bacon,
150 gr. of chickpeas,
4 pencas,
3 potatoes,
1 parsnip,
1 turnip,
1 nabicol,
1 sweet potato,
2 carrots,
400 gr. of cabbage, saffron, salt, and water.

For the balls:
200 gr. of lean minced pork,
200 gr.
of minced veal,
4 chicken liver,
2 cloves of garlic,
1 tablespoon pine nuts,
1 egg, bread from the day before, pepper, cinnamon, lemon zest, parsley, salt.

In a large pot, we incorporate the meats, bones, and chickpeas (previously soaking for 12 hours). Leave to cook and defoam when it breaks to boil. We add the vegetables and season. When it is ready, we separate part of the broth to cook the balls. To make the balls, put in a crumb container of the day before, blanch with half a glass of stew broth, add the minced meat and the finely chopped liver. Add the garlic chop- parsley, the chopped pine nuts, the lemon zest, a pinch of cinnamon and the egg yolk (reserve the egg white). Season and form the balls with the dough. Beat the white and pass through the balls. Wrap each one with leaves of cooked cabbage in the pot, piercing with chopsticks. Place the balls in the soup pot that we had set aside. Let cook 30 minutes over low heat. With the pot broth, we can also prepare a rice or noodles. Serve in a dish, meat, bacon, potatoes, vegetables, chickpeas, and balls. Individually put the rice or noodles.

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