Pumpkin Fritters ( Buñuelos de calabaza )

Pumpkin Fritters ( Buñuelos de calabaza )

Recipes for 4 portions

· 1 kg of clean pumpkin (without skin or seeds), roasted or boiled
· 300 gr. Of Flour
· 30 gr. yeast bakery
· 250 gr. of sugar
· Lemon zest ·
2 eggs
· Soft olive oil
(abundant amount to cover donuts)

Roast in the oven, or boil the pumpkin, and grind. Beat the eggs and mix with the sugar. Undo the yeast in a glass of warm water and add to the mixture, along with the flour and lemon zest and knead. Let stand for about an hour. Heat the oil well and place the fritters, handmade or with mold, and fry on both sides. Place a paper towel so that it absorbs the excess oil and serve with a little sugar on top or in a dish next to it so that everyone can put the amount they want.

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