Rice to the oven ( Arroz al horno )

Rice to the oven ( Arroz al horno )

Recipes for 4 peoples

· 350 gr. pork rib
· 1 potato
· 1 head of garlic
· 1 sliced tomato ·
100 gr. of chickpeas ·
300 gr. of rice
· 2 blood sausages
· Saffron
· Sweet paprika
· 1.5 liters of meat broth
· Olive oil · Salt

In a barbecue dish, sauté with olive oil, pork ribs, sweet paprika, potato slices, and the whole garlic head.
Reserve the potatoes and the head of garlic. In the same pan add the rice and stir with the sofrito. Add the beef broth, or falling water, the chickpeas
(previously soaking), potatoes and season. Let boil 5 minutes and introduce the boiling pan in the oven, previously heated at 200o C, about 20 minutes. When there are 8 minutes to add the diced black pudding, the garlic head in the center and the raw tomato slices.

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